The best value dog fence systems in the business

No matter how perfect your dog, it is a fact that all dogs need training and containing. Bad behaviour such as constant barking, chasing cars or animals and even becoming loose on a busy road…. can make your dog a real hazard to itself and others!

MGG’s latest system is a training collar and wireless fence system all in one at the amazingly low price of just $289.  You can add up to a total of 4 collars in this system for just $79 each.  This revolutionary new system is by far the best value on the market and portable so you can walk with it, limiting how far your dog can wander away from you.  Brilliant!

MGG’s hidden dog fence systems are an effective and cost effective alternative to above-ground fencing. Our wired dog fencing is easy-to-install in-ground or can be attached to existing above ground fencing. The systems feature rechargeable waterproof collars with superior performance and our dog fence systems are ideal for any size yard up to 10 acres.

The boundary wire can be buried or cable tied to an existing fence, placed into an expansion joint across a concrete drive using silicone or in a shallow cut across a bitumen drive. The boundary wire can be installed in virtually any configuration to keep your dog(s) within the desired area. When your dog approaches the boundary area, he receives a warning tone, followed by a vibration and finally a static electrical correction. Most dogs learn to avoid the boundary area in a short time.

We are very happy to offer help and advice and if needed simply send us a sketch plan of your property with relevant details and we will be happy to help plan your system layout with you. Email us at

Need a little help?

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